As members of the Yale community, SOM students have almost endless opportunities to engage in design + innovation. We are one of the only business schools with Innovation as a core requirement, and numerous courses related to D+I are offered throughout the academic year. Our faculty includes world-class leaders in the fields of creativity, innovation, and organizational behavior who constantly engage with the student body. Our school is uniquely integrated with the greater Yale community, which provides opportunities to engage across disciplines and initiatives at Yale, including the Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (CEID) and the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI). Above all, we have a diverse student body with rich experience from which we learn.


Yale SOM's professors are leading researchers in creativity, innovation, and organizational design. The D+I Club fosters relationships with professors across the school to provide guidance and support to its members. 

Rodrigo Canales

Rodrigo Canales

Kyle Jensen

Kyle Jensen

Jonathan Feinstein

Jonathan Feinstein

Olav Sorenson

Olav Sorenson

Florian Ederer

Florian Ederer

James Baron

James Baron

Captivating courses.

Yale SOM offers courses in a number of key areas that are of interest to members of the D+I Club. It starts with Innovator, a required first-year class about creating innovation-friendly environments for employees. From there, club members take electives in their personal interest areas, either at Yale SOM or in other departments across Yale University.


Design and Innovation

  • Innovator (core requirement)

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Design & Marketing of New Products

  • Innovation in Government and Society

  • Energy Technology Innovation



  • Entrepreneurship and New Ventures

  • Programming and Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurial Business Planning

  • Start-up Founder Studies

  • Start-up Founder Practicum



  • YCCI: Topics in Customer Insights

  • Listening to the Customer

  • Internet Marketing & Social Media Analytics

  • Digital Strategy

  • Behavioral Strategies for Selling New Products in Emerging Markets



  • Freakonomics

  • Venture Capital & Private Equity Investments  

  • Behavioral Finance

  • Behavioral Economics

Limitless opportunities.

At Yale SOM, we're not just business school students - we're members of the Yale University and New Haven communities, which means that we're able to take advantage of all that Yale and New Haven have to offer. By getting involved with the greater community, D+I members enrich not only their own experience, but that of those around them as well.