our mission

To inspire and equip our members with design and innovation principles and mindsets that they will use meaningfully throughout their lives and careers.

D+I is for Everyone

The Design + Innovation Club was founded by students in 2011. The club has grown in size every year since its inception and is consistently one of the largest student groups at Yale SOM. Through our curriculum and programming – including educational sessions, experiential learning, and career-related activities – the club cultivates interest in design and innovation among a diverse student body. Club alumni hold positions in firms across the industry, including IDEO, frog, Google, Apple, Amazon, Innosight, and SYPartners.





Pre-SOM: Software Development Engineer at Amazon

Summer Internship: Business Development Advisor at Ongoza


Kunal is excited to build a safe space for SOM students to escape the rat race that is business school. Through the club’s creative meeting structures and whimsical social events, he discovered that the D+I club was a perfect place to unwind and relax while still being able to learn about the various facets of design thinking. He is excited to continue the D+I tradition of not taking oneself too seriously :)


Pre-SOM: Product Innovation / Design Lab at CVS Health

Summer Internship: Growth & New Ventures at Beacon Health Options


Sarah is excited to bring awareness to inclusive d+i and knowledge equity. Where do ideas come from? How do we empower problem-solvers in all kinds of communities and organizations? She brings
experience facilitating design thinking training and projects as well as building organizational competencies for innovation.


Pre-SOM: Internal consulting and product management at State Street Global Advisors

Summer Internship: Product management at mental health focused venture accelerator, consulting in food & wine space, and helping launch a startup related to reusable grocery bags


As someone who spent time prior to business school working at a 250-year old financial services provider (that was anything but innovative), Rayan is excited about finding applications of D+I principles across a wide-range of sectors, no matter how archaic they may seem. He looks forward to continuing the tradition of having D+I be the most fun and close-knit group on campus!


Pre-SOM: Health Policy Consulting at Cerner

Summer Internship: Strategy and Innovation Consulting at Innosight


Ayushi is an MBA/MPH dual degree student excited to explore the principles of design thinking and innovative business models through the lens of healthcare. As a first year, she was pleasantly surprised to discover how the D+I club encouraged her to think differently about familiar topics, and she’s passionate about continuing to instill creative confidence among her classmates at SOM. She’s also really jazzed to continue the tradition of making D+I the best professional AND social club at SOM!


Pre-SOM: Master of Architecture Candidate at Yale

Summer Internship: Growth Product Management at IBM

Alex is excited to dive into frameworks and processes around design thinking with a fresh group of first year MBA Candidates.  The many diverse backgrounds and experiences in the SOM MBA classes always yield the most interesting and inspiring array of ideas. He's also incredibly excited for the Deep Dive Hack and other workshops that will happen during the year!


Pre-SOM: Master of Architecture Candidate at Yale

Summer Internship: Publisher for Paprika! (Yale Architecture Paper) and freelancing architect

Liwei is a dual-degree student interested in the intersection between art, design, technology and business. At Yale, he has helped teach the undergraduate class American Architecture and Urbanism for two years. He looks forward to expand on that experience by developing a curriculum for D+I.

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